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Diana Llorente – Director, Fos Translations

Fos is a translation agency specialising in the field of optics, visual inspection equipment and telecommunications. We have a passion for photons.

At Fos Translations we know that a translation must maintain the clarity and style of the original text, and therefore the translator must understand the text perfectly and have a sound knowledge of the sector.

I have worked for several years in the field of optics and manufacturing, initially in technical positions and later as a translator for major companies and research organisations.

Based on this experience, I have gradually built up a network of highly specialised and reliable translation professionals with excellent technical, sectorial and linguistic knowledge. This allows me to offer not only translations into Spanish, which I do myself, but also other language combinations.

My goal is that your website, brochures and all your marketing material present a professional and credible image of your company. I, and the other translators who collaborate with me, also ensure that your technical texts are clear and accurate and correctly reflect your technology.

If you would like to know more about me, you can take a look at my blog on translation or at the ‘About’ section on my personal website.



Translation carried out by a specialised translator and reviewed by the same translator. Use of quality control tools.

Recommended for: articles for blogs, publications, manuals, press releases.

Translation + independent reviewer

Translation and review carried out by a specialised translator. Additional review by a second specialised translator. Use of quality control tools.

Recommended for: websites, brochures and other printed material.

Translation + independent reviewer + DTP

When a text is translated the length of the paragraphs changes, so it is often necessary to readjust the layout. If you wish, we can deliver your text ready for posting or printing.


We only offer translations in the languages for which we have translators who are highly specialised in optics (and they’re not so easy to find!) and who are, of course, native in the target language. The languages we currently work with include:

Spanish   >   English, German

German   >   English, Spanish, Polish, French

French     >    Spanish, Italian

English    >    Spanish, Italian, Polish, French

If the language you require is not listed above, please email me at I may be able to find the translator you need.

Our clients

Individually, we have translated marketing campaigns, brochures, manuals, websites and press releases for leading companies in the areas of optical instruments, laser equipment, visual inspection, and telecommunications.

Some of these companies include: Cisco, Linear Technology, ESAB, Space Telescope Science Institute, Levenhuk and Univision Inspection Technology, among others.

As a translation agency, we have just started out and are looking for companies that would be interested in working with us and providing us with our first references. For this reason, we can offer you highly advantageous benefits. If you wish to discuss this offer, book an appointment here or send an email to


The easiest way to get in touch with me is by email or by using the contact form here. If you would prefer to speak to me directly, we can schedule a Skype or telephone meeting. To stay in touch and have access to my monthly articles on technical translation you can follow me on LinkedIn.

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